Move and Release

Movement Therapy combined with Fascial release systems and Bowen Therapy.

Move and release sessions involve a movement session designed around releasing restricted areas of tension in your body which will allow more oxygenated blood to work within the tissues prior to a Bowen Therapy session. The movement/ release combo will enrich your knowledge that you can take home to release the areas of tension in your body whenever and wherever you are. 

Learn movements designed to release tension and glued fascia (fascia is the connective tissue in your body that allows you to move in daily life).  These movements are instructed and performed by you prior to your Bowen Therapy treatment and will allow you to gain more from your Bowen session, with the takeaway knowledge of how to address your common stress-factors that bring imbalance to your body throughout your day to day life. By becoming aware of the muscles that become tight, you can make changes in your movement diet to maintain health in your muscle tissue. 

With Bowen Therapy incorporated either before or after the movement practice, your body will feel more at ease, more relaxed and more resilient to the pressures that we place on it in modern day life.

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