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About Erin Nota

Erin is a level one peiec® practitioner, peiec® coach and bodyworker incorporating Fascial Release, Bowen Therapy, Yoga and movement in practice. She believes that we all have the capacity to be our own healer and that healing should be holistic.

Erin has a deep intuitive knowledge of the body and believes that health and healing requires a multi angled approach, addressing movement, nutrition, play, self-care and being mindful of the environment that we choose to surround ourselves with.

Erin has a background in martial arts and yoga and through many years of competitive fight style training, sustained stress injuries within her body that motivated her to seek and explore healing across every aspect of her life. She studied Bowen Therapy and various other bodywork techniques that assisted her to bring relief and ease to her own body and then on to her client’s.


The most powerful discovery of healing techniques that Erin had come across was peiec® energy medicine. In discovering and learning peiec®, Erin found rapid freedom from multiple sustained injuries and other mind-body concerns which, despite her years of searching and persistence in various methods, had not found release.

Erin quickly discovered that the physical, emotional and mental symptoms being healed were really just a by-product of healing across the totality of Self; and the ever-deepening stillness that arises from the connection to Source [God] and everything that is.

Erin is passionate about encouraging and empowering others so that they too can discover for themselves deep healing, rapid expansion, energetic growth and release from physical pain and limiting beliefs.




“I believe that healing is a lifelong journey, and
a very rewarding one. To feel good in one's body
and mind asks us to look within to discover first
        and foremost what is requiring our attention.
Self-enquiry means to bring awareness and presence to your

body, mind and emotions so you may discover
where in your body you are experiencing tension, or

moving your body to meet the same end.

I endeavor to share with you ways in which you
can improve your health and wellbeing; and provide
a unique approach to understanding healing across every area of your life
My joy lies in assisting others to discover their own

unique connection to God/Source/Universe, their potential

for ever-increasing health, freedom, happiness and joy
and walking their own path and purpose with
sovereignty, curiosity, playfulness and an 
endless love for exploration of Self and the Universe
that is alive and awakening inside of each and every one of us.”

- Erin Nota

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