About Erin Nota

For many years, as many of us are in our youth, I treated my body as if it was bulletproof. 
I pushed my body hard, pursuing martial arts with dedication and passion. I fought competitively in many different styles, and while it proved a powerful outlet for emotional release and physical expression, the end result was burnout, injuries and muscle fatigue. 

I found Yoga as a yin counterbalance to the yang, and it sparked my journey to finding balance in all areas of my life. As I worked on healing my body, I discovered a great many tools and techniques to use to help others.
My passion has now transformed into the pursuit of health, healing and finding joy in healthy and pain-free movement in daily life, and helping others to do the same.

Bowen Therapy (a soft tissue release method introduced to me through my mother, Beverley), and peiec energy healing form the main focus of my clinical practice.

Bowen therapy is a structural release technique that helps to release tension from key points in the body where energy tends to become blocked and stagnant. 
I have found this to be a powerful tool to find, explore and shift imbalances held in the body, heal, and also a fantastic framework upon which to build other therapeutic healing techniques. These techniques include Gua Sha, Lymphatic drainage, Massage, Aromatherapy, Self-massage with therapy tools, movement and Yoga.

Peiec energy healing is a powerful yet gentle energetic healing technique that shifts life moments from our energetic layers of self that hold us bound. 
The resulting healing spans across all of self- the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the energetic. Peiec helps to bring a peace of ever- deepening peace in the body, and accelerate your healing evolution. I have found this to be the most powerful healing technique that i have ever come across to date. It has brought about the most significant change in my life in the shortest amount of time. It is something that i believe everyone must experience for themselves. 

I believe that healing is a lifelong journey, and a very rewarding one. To feel good in one's body and mind asks us to look within to discover first and foremost what is requiring attention in oneself. Often times that will involve self inquiry. Self inquiry could be as simple as using the aid of therapy to help you to discover where in your body you are experiencing tension, or moving your body to meet the same end. 

My intention is to equip you with the tools and understandings for which you can use to help and heal yourself. Therapy can then be an assistance and provide a faster route to recovery.

I endeavor to share with you ways to improve your healing, your health and a different approach to viewing the body, to help you to gain control of your health in mind and body, and journey to that place of curiosity and endless love for exploration of the self and the universe that is alive in each and every one of us.