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Please allow yourself an hour for the session and time after for yourself to integrate and allow your body and energy to process all that you have received in the session.

Intuitive Bodywork combined with peiec energy medicine

Peiec® Energy Transformation Sessions
1 session $150
3 pack (discounted) $420

those who want to deeply accelerate their healing journey, 8 and 12 week transformation packages are now available. This can be purely peiec energy healing sessions or both peiec and bodywork.
Please enquire to apply. Sessions are heavily discounted as a package offer. 

​Women's only relaxation massage
Melt into bliss with an hour long session combining massage, fascial release techniques and peiec® energy method. This session is designed to give a full body/mind/spirit relaxation and revitalisation. 
Take some time out of your day to honour and cherish YOU. 
These sessions are gorgeously nourishing and given in presence and with the therapist standing in Core.
You can read about core here.

is now available. Please click here for information about how to setup your Afterpay card. Then pay with your mobile phone at your appointment from the Afterpay app. 

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