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Yoga and Peiec® energy medicine

Join Erin Nota and Heidi Robinson (a fellow peiec® coach and peiec practitioner) in this special event where the focus is entirely on energy and how it flows through our bodies. Bringing ease to this flow is how we maintain excellent health and balance in all areas of our life.

What constricts this flow? Life moments.

Life moments are low vibrating energetic densities that constrict us energetically. As we move, life moments can rise up within our energetic layers, creating discord within our unique energetic flow.

These life moments negatively influence our mind, our body, our emotions, and our energy, pulling us away from being in the present moment.

This can feel like: negative self-talk, hyper fixation on pain, self-doubt, body shaming, racing or distracted thoughts, and frustration to name a few examples.

Our peiec practitioners will be working on you energetically throughout the event to release these life moments for you which allows the energy to flow more freely. This brings deep and lasting healing that flows out into every area of your life.

Come and experience the divine flow of energy from Anandi Sano, founder of peiec energy healing and master healer. It is this flow that amplifies your experience and creates powerful change in all areas of our lives.

Our next event will be held on Saturday, 15th April from 11am to 1pm. 
Venue: Flow Hot Yoga and Pilates

1/1 Edison Rise Wangara 
Tickets: $40 
Tickets are available by visiting Heidi Robinson's website

Join us for the flow and stick around afterwards for connection, a cuppa and a chat!

Movement is suitable for all movement levels and abilities. This event is also suitable and accessible for those with injuries or restricted movement. 
Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

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To learn more about what is peiec® And how it can help to deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat, check out the video below

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