Yoga and Peiec energy medicine

Join Heidi (a fellow peiec® coach, therapist and friend) and myself as we combine energy medicine and yoga in a unique event that cannot be missed!

This is the first ever offering of its kind. 

you will be guided on a yoga journey and encouraged to tune in, check in and move your body whilst assistants will work with you to release life moments from your energetic layers of self. 

This does not involve any physical touch unless otherwise advised by the yoga instructor- heidi, and with permission.

Experience for yourself how your body, mind and emotions can shift in practice and in life with the magic of peiec® and yoga!

Our next event is at The Yoga Garage, Scarborough on 18th September 

The flow hot yoga and pilates centre, Wangara on 16th October 

Tickets can be purchased from

To learn more about what is peiec And how it can help to deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat, check out the video below
















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