Learn Module One peiec® with Erin & Heidi

If you resonate with peiec® energy medicine and would like to be learn Module One of peiec® with myself and Heidi Robinson as your guide, we would be our pleasure to facilitate your learning experience!

Learning peiec® does not require any prior experience.
It is simple, effective, and everyone can do it!

Content is delivered online over 6 weeks with myself and Heidi Robinson beginning Saturday 21st May 2022.

Heidi is a fellow peiec® coach, yoga instructor, Myofascial therapist and peiec® practitioner.

You can learn more about Heidi here.

Spread out over 6 weeks, you will be invited work your way through the online peiec® mod 1 course content that will be available for you to revisit as often as you like over the duration of the course. Each of these online videos contains high vibrational healing energy that flows from Anandi Sano to facilitate your learning and sensitivity for understanding and integrating the lessons given. 
There will be 4 Zoom webinars held over the duration of the course where you can ask questions, share your experiences, interact with other students and practice the content together. 

This is a safe and inclusive space where you will be held and supported in your engagement with others and with the course material. 

To conclude the training we will be hosting an in-person training day on Saturday 2nd July 2022. This day is for practicing, sharing and consolidating everything that you have learnt throughout the 6 weeks. It also is an opportunity to meet your fellow peers in person.

One of the wonderful things about peiec® is that when you begin your journey, you will be added to a growing network of fellow students- myself included, who may help and give sessions for each other, support each other and answer questions. It is an incredible network of friends and healers who are learning, growing and healing together. To have this kind of support and interaction on your journey and generally in life is incredible!

You can put ‘shout outs’ if in need or in a place of overwhelm, and other students will offer to assist you when they can. You can also provide this assistance to others as and when you feel able and/or for practice.

The cost for Module One is $697.





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