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Peiec® Energy Transformation Sessions

Peiec® is an energy healing modality in which the practitioner releases low-vibrating energetic life moments that are held within our energetic layers of self. 

The energetic layers are your 

Energetic, and 

The first letter of each of the layers comprises the name: peiec!

Peiec also stands for: people evolving in every country. 

Energetic life moments can contain words, thoughts, feelings, sensations, sounds, literally everything held within a given moment and are responsible for creating dis-ease, pain, anxiety, overwhelm and blocking you from living life in Core: unrestricted, in flow and connected to Self and Source/God/Universe.

Let's say that someone says something unpleasant to you and the words and the energetic components of the words fall onto your energetic layers creating a life moment.

As soon as this life moment falls onto your layers, complex threads will start to snake out looking for other life moments already present deep within the layers.

These life moments will have a similarity of some sort to the life moment that has just occurred. The similarity could literally be anything. It could be a similar situation, similar words, emotion, sensation, or energy.

These threads attach themselves to other life moments creating a complex spider like map of life moments that flare up the layers when triggered or in peiec®, it is called a 'ping'. Once the life moments are ‘active’, pinged or flared up, the erratic vibration of the layers flows out to our physical vessel creating emotional states, pain, dis-ease and restricting you and holding you back from living your best life.

Peiec® healing quickly and easily accesses and releases the life moments so that the layers can be calmed energetically. The results are healing not only in the physical, but across all aspects of self. When mental and emotional trauma, physical pain and triggers are released, you become increasingly in touch with your innate inner wisdom and achieve greater ease in all areas of your life. 

What is this unique and powerful method used for?

Heal yourself and others

Accelerate your spiritual growth

Raise your consciousness

Step out of a hyperdrive state

Release from pain

Regain clarity

Calm and heal the body and mind

Live with inner stillness

Become more Intuitive

See and read the human body like never before

Start a new career or integrate it into any profession

Help your children with their emotional struggles and learning

Help your pets

..and so much more

To book your peiec® transformational session or package, head to the bookings page.

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