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Santi Community Sessions Online

We would like to announce that Anandi has now officially started the Santi Tradition which peiec energy method being the principle methodology for healing and spiritual growth.

The Santi Tradition is based on Anandi’s dream of creating an all-inclusive environment where people from across the world can live harmoniously with one another and be of service to humanity.

Creating connection through the community at the Santi Tradition is a core value, where members of the community have assisted at events, donating their time and energy.

As with any Village or Tradition, it is through the support and services of the community that allows for a greater shift in humanity. These values of giving to others are deeply rooted in the texts, traditions, and practices of many faiths.

Members of the Santi Community will give their time to run regular FREE online Santi Community sessions. These are open to all members of the public and students of peiec. Sessions range from gentle yoga and movement, to meditations, teachings, and discussions.

The next Santi community event will be online on Saturday 24th June run by the wonderful yoga teacher Heidi Robinson, and the following fortnight will be hosted by Erin Nota.

More information on how you can register will be added shortly

All members of the public are welcome.

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