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Healing and the repetition of patterns that hold us

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

With healing comes change. Change is the one constant in life and as humans, we often struggle with it or try to fight it on the one hand, all the while trying to implement it and make it happen on the other.

We often find ourselves caught up in the same old cycles and patterns that we see ourselves repeating time and time again until finally we become sick enough of it to break it… But then the same energy comes around in another form.

"I thought I had dealt with this."

We often find ourselves clinging to parts of the patterns we love, whilst trying to reject the parts we loathe and so we find ourselves in a monkey grip with life and the repetition of stories we play out that seem to just be a repeat of our ancestor's.

We find ourselves unsure what is us holding on to these cycles, or if maybe those cycles are holding on to us… either way...

"How do I break that grip?"

We try to heal these patterns by trying to push harder, be better, stronger, smarter, wiser, understand more, delve more deeply into our trauma. Bring it up to the surface. Reeeeally feel it.

"If only I had more information, more capacity, more discipline. If only I could get all of my ducks in a row. If only I could do more in my day. Then, maybe I could achieve it."

All the while this holds the energy of: "I am not good enough"

So we try harder each day, we take on more things. We become tired- physically, mentally, emotionally or all of these. Eventually we plateau until we begrudgingly accept our experience and it becomes the norm.

We are then reaching and searching for somewhere else, something else. Because here and now, we feel constantly dissatisfied.

We find ourselves struggling to be kind to ourselves. We beat ourselves up for not doing what we know we are capable of, of not fulfilling our potential. We keep searching outside of ourselves for something to do that will help us to somehow get ‘it’ right.

We often don’t really know what we are looking for, except to follow what we think might lead us to happiness, or success.

...And progress does happen- because life is growth. But there is something deep inside that yearns for something more.

To make peace with everything that you are and everything that is given in this moment.

Many would say that they experience peace and calm through many different methods, and that all roads lead to home. This is true to a degree, but here I am not talking about the peace that you reach when you meditate, or train your mind to a focus. It is not when you have pushed your body to exertion and are able to enjoy the flow of energy running through the physical vessel. I am not talking about the satisfaction of a job well done, or when you are on a vacation, or spending time in nature.

I am talking about a deeper peace. An underlying calm that emanates throughout the entirety of you.

This is a peace that transcends the mind, the body and the emotions. This is a peace that flows from the centre of self. It begins to walk with you in every moment of your life and everywhere that you go. It relaxes your nervous system, it brings healing to the body. It allows more patience, understanding and presence in challenging circumstances. It gives presence to others and allows for the truth of what is being said to reveal itself to you, untwisted by what we would have thought we knew. It is something that becomes deeper as we choose to heal and it reveals to you the truth of who you are. And the truth of who you

are, resides in Core.

In Core is where all of your potential lies, waiting for you to unfold into your true self. To bring your joy and your gifts into the world to share with all.

This is a place of harmony between everything you hold within you and everything that is outside of you. It is the place where you are in acceptance of everything that you are. This is true appreciation of self.

When you stand in this place, you walk with kindness and compassion and everything you do brings that touch of kindness and compassion into the world.

What a beautiful way to live.

Right here in this moment.

Where do you stand?

With just yourself and your experience.

With your life, and the sense of the potential waiting inside of you, begging you to bring it into the world. To share your unique gifts. To help inspire, uplift and encourage others, from a place that keeps your own cup full and overflowing.

Peiec energy medicine reveals to you the truth of who you are.

It is a gift that keeps on giving.

First and foremost it is about healing self, and this healing flows out to all you are connected to.

And you are connected to everything that is.

Become your own healer.

Discover an entirely new way of being.

Peiec energy medicine is given for these times. It brings healing across the totality of self and accelerates your spiritual evolution.

Learn Peiec energy medicine from Level 1 training with myself and Heidi Robinson!

For more info, email and we can share the details of the next training date with you!

Erin x

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